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About Us

There has never been a better time to invest in residential real estate in San Francisco and the East Bay region. It’s time to make your goals a reality by working with Redwood Realty.

East Bay Realtors

Redwood Realty is the product of passion and hard work. A new boutique agency servicing San Francisco and the East Bay region, the team behind Redwood Realty is composed of highly experienced real estate professionals. Each of Redwood Realty’s team members bring a wealth of knowledge and different specializations to the table.

  • Expertise in San Francisco and East Bay locations – Redwood Realty services a huge real estate market– one of the hottest in the country. San Francisco and Oakland combined have over 100 distinct neighborhoods that offer unique living experiences! You can trust the Redwood Realty team to take you on a grand tour of Walnut Creek, the Lamorinda area, Alamo-Danville, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco so you can find your dream home.
  • Knowledge in real estate investment – Each of the agents at Redwood Realty has had considerable experience with a variety of home buyers and sellers that over the years, and with that experience comes knowledge. Whether you’re buying a new home, selling your current property, or out to find a worthy real estate investment in San Francisco and the East Bay region, the Redwood Realty team, with their know-how in real estate investment, will help you make your real estate goals in your desired location a dream come true.
    • Home buying – Both first-time and seasoned home buyers are in for a treat. Redwood Realty has significant experience in helping clients find the homes they’ve always wanted in their time in the real estate industry, and that’s just as a team. Individually, Redwood Realty agents have helped seal over a hundred real estate purchases that has left their home-buying clientele satisfied.
    • Home selling – Over the years, the agents at Redwood Realty have individually built a solid reputation as some of the best real estate professionals in San Francisco and the East Bay area. Hundreds of properties all over their areas of specialization sold and plenty of happy clients and new homeowners — that is the result of Redwood Realty’s hard work and passion.

Redwood Realty has had experience selling single-family homes, condos, townhouses, luxury properties, and more in the San Francisco and East Bay region real estate markets. Aside from market know-how, the Redwood Realty has up-to-date marketing tips and tricks to help you sell your home at the best price as fast as possible.

About San Francisco and the East Bay area

Exciting real estate opportunities abound in San Francisco and the East Bay region, with neighborhoods highly sought-after by plenty of home buyers. Here, in this beautiful pocket of Northern California, are tons of dining, shopping, entertainment, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Aside from world-class attractions, the San Francisco and East Bay region are also home to reputable universities, colleges, private schools, and public school districts (some of which are the best in California). There is truly something for everyone in San Francisco and the East Bay area.

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For more information about services and your preferred or desired real estate market, contact Redwood Realty at 510.339.9905 / 925.381.0832.